sunda kelapa harbor

magda and her photographer club goes hunting a picture
in a historical places called "sunda kelapa harbor"
back to the 13th century sunda kelapa was known as the main port of sunda kingdom.

my pray for the universe

magda hunting for the chinese new year at ancient banten
look... everybody seem pray for the universe...
let's pray, hope God always give us peace in the world

kinder uberraschung

'a treasure inside the chocolate egg'
in such a boring sunday
magda found something interesting
from a chocolate package send from a friend
who live far far away in a white kingdom

magda goes to fantasy land

magda goes to the fantasy land and played with her fantasy mind

the shape of my heart

magda got a broken heart and its feel hurt but she tried hard to fixed her broken heart
now she got her heart back in shape for celebrate the valentine
'special thanks for a prince charming who always make magda smile'

there you go!!!

sunset in jembeluk, amed - bali

sweet dreams...

property: Puri Wirata Hotel - Amed, Bali


we were meant to be...

topless ladies

me + you = us

I Love You !!!

JTown at night

wrrriingg... hello!

the yellow dancing bird


aku seorang banci

green grass et blue sky

salt & pepper

dear GOD

sunset in kelapa 7 merak - banten


tofu soup

little picasso

behind the bar

cloudy cloud

beach boy


the secret keeper

message for GOD

the treasure of merak

Venue: Kelapa Tujuh - Merak, Banten (Indonesia)

types of sitting